• Steadicam Archer 2 sled
  • Small HD 703U 7" monitor
  • G-50x arm
  • LX vest

For camera setups up to 14 Kg

What is Steadicam

The Steadicam is the camera-stabilization system invented by Garret Brown. Garret put his invention in films like Rocky, The Shining and Bound For Glory. Since its invention in 1976 the Steadicam has been used in countless films, television shows and at live events around the world.


A Steadicam can create dynamic shots taking the audience to places filmmakers had only dreamed of. The Steadicam can be used to create breathtaking moving shots without the need for a dolly or track. Productions can get set and shoot quicker and make changes without the need to move and re-level track. The Steadicam can move through a scene in a way that emulates the human eye. Steadicam is not just for a master shot. It can be used to move from a master to a single flowing into a tracking shot or in and out of static shots. Shooting with the Steadicam will give the editor increased options. Steadicam creates the feeling of depth in a 2d world. It can make an otherwise boring shot or setup more interesting and cuts very well.

Steadicam Operators Association Workshop 2014

Chester Springs, PA, USA